Who We Are & What We Do

Our Company and Mission

Akamai is the wise care of your person. Healthy personal care essentials, delivered right to your door via subscription and “on demand” service. We believe clean and healthy teeth, skin and hair can be achieved with a back to basics approach that is reasonably priced.

Our mission is help people break free from the modern mainstream personal care paradigm of “too many products, chemicals and complexity” that comes with a high cost to our health, wallets and environment. We believe there is nothing normal about what has become “the norm”.  We believe less is more.

Our Team 

We are a startup lead by seasoned entrepreneurs adept at at innovation and identifying, harnessing & fueling trends. We have the ability to create kickass products & brands that spawn customer / media evangelists and fuel a word-of-mouth engine while changing the world for the better. We thrive is a positive “let’s make this happen” environment.

Our last endeavour reuseit.com was an important catalyst in the reusables movement helping thrust the use and toss issue into mainstream awareness. We also empowered our 300,000+ customers to save an estimated 1.1 billion use-and-toss items. Reuseit earned hundreds media mentions incl. New York Times, ABC News and an endorsement in An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore, was Inc 500 (#153), and donated over $200,000 to high impact social causes.

Help us make Akamai make an even bigger impact.


Current openings

Ecommerce Store Manager
  • Boulder, United States


We are a growing organization with big plans. While we aren't 100% clear on all the specific roles that we will need in the next 6-24 months, we would love to know about you, your skills and if you might be interested in working with us now or in the future. Use the link below and and we will contact you as opportunities arise.